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post microbladed and healed eyebrows

Get ready because this is a long one. But A GOOD ONE about my microblading experience. I have always hated my eyebrows. They were sparse and small and tiny little half moons that sat above my eyes. I really hate my dark circles as well so my eyes are always something I tend to dislike about myself. Maybe why you always see me with sunglasses in my photos! I heard about microblading and immediately wanted to try it. I did research on it and tried to figure out how I would trust someone with a semi permanent “tattoo” on my face. That is when I was introduced to Chelsea from Brow Authority. (check out her Insta too!) She entered my need-for-eyebrows-life at the exact time I was looking around for the perfect person to work with. She took the time to talk to me on the phone prior to my appointment and we discussed EVERYTHING. Chelsea answered every single question I wondered about and eased even the slightest concerns I had about the process. When I say she is the most amazing aesthetician I have ever worked with I mean it. More on her throughout this post, so let me begin!

If you do not already know what microblading is, it is a form of tattooing but it is done all by hand. A tiny tool is used to create hair-like perfect lines to give the look of natural and perfectly shaped eyebrows. The technique places ink in the first layer of your skin which makes it semi permanent. It will fade over time and a color touch up is recommended every 8 months to a year to maintain your beautiful brows. Here are my eyebrows before…

pre microbladed eyebrows before photo

When I arrived at my appointment Chelsea took photos of my before brows and we discussed what shape I wanted. Some photos accompanied me for inspiration which really helped gear us on the same page. I wanted a high arch and heaviness on the inside corners by my nose but thinner tails at the end and did NOT want thick blocky lines and she soften the edges so I got everything I wanted. She began by measuring my face and drew on the shape for my approval. I gave it to her immediately because it was SPOT ON.

measuring for microbladed eyebrowsmicroblading measurements

We then color swatched on my forehead and chose a color that was similar to my hair and darker than my natural brows, which you can see were ashy and fair.  After that she places a topical numbing cream on my brows to take the edge off a little but really it did not hurt at all! She then started the actual procedure which took less than an hour. She also drew on tiny lines with a marker right before the actual microblading so I could get an idea of what it will look like. The longest part was making sure the shape was perfect.

microblading processtool used for microblading

To me, eyebrows are everything on your face. They immediately give you depth and really open up your eyes. Think about mascara and how the second you apply it to your lashes your eyes look bigger and brighter. That is also eyebrows! Defining the shape of them and having a more rich color opens up your face and I do not know how I have not done a process like this sooner. I cannot say enough how I happy I am with them and I have Chelsea at Brow Authority to thank for that. I urge you to connect with her if you are thinking of getting microblading. She takes the time to talk with you and makes sure you LOVE the shape, color and size of your eyebrows before she proceeds. She is open, honest, professional and easy to talk to, which I think is so important when it comes to something like this. If you have any questions PLEASE ask me either in the comment section below, via email ( or through Instagram!


brow goals from my microblading experience eyebrow goals


scabbed eyebrows after microblading


my microblading experience 1 week post microbladingpost microblading healed eyebrows

What to expect: minimal pain, more like an annoying scraping feeling but I felt zero pain in that way. You can expect scabbing for about 5-7 days after your initial appointment and touch up. I used Cetaphil and a flat cotton pad to clean my brows and coconut oil to moisturize them. Expect gorgeous brows and PERFECT service from Chelsea at Brow Authority!

microblading before and after


**Special THANK YOU to Chelsea at Brow Authority for making my eyebrow dreams come true**

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Hey friends! If you are like me you are still holiday shopping. Here is a good one stop shop for some last minute gifts! Brands are starting to threaten us with “must order by” dates so this is one of your last chances to buy! I included some options for her, him, littles and home! Enjoy!

For her…

For him…

For the littles…

For the home…


Anthropologie: 30% off clothes, shoes and accessories and 20% home and beauty

Express: 50% off and free shipping

Loft: 50% off everything

Banana Republic: 40% off regular priced styles

Gap: 45% off your purchase

West Elm: Free shipping week!

I might be back ONE more time with ideas for you super late shoppers AKA myself. We will see! We are finally moving into our house on Friday so talk about crazy holiday timing. We just want to be in! Have a great week everyone and happy shopping!

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One of my favorite cosmetic lines has always been MAC. I am obsessed with their lipsticks and they make my ultimate favorite eyeliner that I cannot go without on a daily basis. It is a rare occasion MAC items go on sale and right now everything is 25% off until December 4th when you sign up to be a MAC select member. It takes less than 1 minute to sign up and is so worth it.  Here are my favorites products I use and want to buy!


Nudes- I switch between Faux and Velvet Teddy for my daytime lip. I have my eye on Cream Cup, Blankety, Cherish, Half ‘n Half

Reds- Russian Red and D for Danger are my favorite glam lips. I am also loving By Special Order, Dubonnet, Red Rock, Studded Kiss.


I like to do a semi nude eye for during the day with a slight pigment to it. I use Yogurt which looks kind of pinky but on it is so pretty and soft.

FullSizeRender 5

This is the eyeliner I swear by. You need to apply it with an angled brush and it stays on all day and does not smudge. It is like tar. It takes a bit of practice to get it on straight but once you get the hang of it you are golden.

FullSizeRender 4

This under eye primer is something I keep in my purse if I need a quick touch up. I have really bad under eye circles and this helps to brighten them.


Who doesn’t love make up? I hope you buy something good!


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