A few Saturdays ago I met my blogger girl squad in NYC for a fun mini Galentine’s Brunch. I mentioned previously I am not a huge fan of the day but I am a huge fan of these girls and of course brunch so I will take any excuse to meet up together and have laughs over delicious food and spiked drinks! If you haven’t met them yet, from left to right: Sylvia, Danielle, me and Lindsey! Read on to hear all about our brunch at TGA NYC.

We had the pleasure of dining at TGA in midtown Manhattan. The restaurant has been open for a few months and I can only imagine how busy they are going to be in there because the food and ambience is incredible. The vibe is right up my alley; very modern yet warm and inviting.  The girls were joking around saying how they could picture the decor in my own home and they are right! Here is a little peek of what I mean…

The girls and I wanted to snag some cute lifestyle shots and just capture the real moments of how we are together. Being bloggers we of course look for any opportunity to capture an Instagram/blog worthy moment but we also love to get together and just be silly. We laugh a lot. We had a good laugh about these jeans that three of us showed up in and Lindsey went and bought them on the spot!

When we got there we immediately ordered drinks (obviously). The girls went for the bottomless mimosas but I am not a fan and I had my eye on a delicious mule splashed with cranberry. It was amazing. We scoured the menu and decided to share the avocado toast to start. Because 1, who doesn’t like avo toast and 2, we did it for the ‘gram. It was a good prop for my photo! We then decided on our meal choices. Chicken with waffles, juicy burgers, French toast and short rib grilled cheese were on our list. Everything was literally SO GOOD. I am kind of a critic when it comes to restaurant food. I don’t get a lot of dining out days and when I do treat myself to a meal I want it to be excellent. TGA did not disappoint.

A special thank you to TGA NYC for hosting our brunch and for not kicking us out when the laughs got loud and the photo opps got started! They loved seeing people smile and enjoy themselves in their new space and that is the kind of place I would go back to. If you are in the city definitely stop by!


**All photos by the lovely @angelenina88**

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