A few Saturdays ago I met my blogger girl squad in NYC for a fun mini Galentine’s Brunch. I mentioned previously I am not a huge fan of the day but I am a huge fan of these girls and of course brunch so I will take any excuse to meet up together and have laughs over delicious food and spiked drinks! If you haven’t met them yet, from left to right: Sylvia, Danielle, me and Lindsey! Read on to hear all about our brunch at TGA NYC.

We had the pleasure of dining at TGA in midtown Manhattan. The restaurant has been open for a few months and I can only imagine how busy they are going to be in there because the food and ambience is incredible. The vibe is right up my alley; very modern yet warm and inviting.  The girls were joking around saying how they could picture the decor in my own home and they are right! Here is a little peek of what I mean…

The girls and I wanted to snag some cute lifestyle shots and just capture the real moments of how we are together. Being bloggers we of course look for any opportunity to capture an Instagram/blog worthy moment but we also love to get together and just be silly. We laugh a lot. We had a good laugh about these jeans that three of us showed up in and Lindsey went and bought them on the spot!

When we got there we immediately ordered drinks (obviously). The girls went for the bottomless mimosas but I am not a fan and I had my eye on a delicious mule splashed with cranberry. It was amazing. We scoured the menu and decided to share the avocado toast to start. Because 1, who doesn’t like avo toast and 2, we did it for the ‘gram. It was a good prop for my photo! We then decided on our meal choices. Chicken with waffles, juicy burgers, French toast and short rib grilled cheese were on our list. Everything was literally SO GOOD. I am kind of a critic when it comes to restaurant food. I don’t get a lot of dining out days and when I do treat myself to a meal I want it to be excellent. TGA did not disappoint.

A special thank you to TGA NYC for hosting our brunch and for not kicking us out when the laughs got loud and the photo opps got started! They loved seeing people smile and enjoy themselves in their new space and that is the kind of place I would go back to. If you are in the city definitely stop by!


**All photos by the lovely @angelenina88**

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I never thought I would be able to say Happy Friday. This week was no joke. Blaire caught the flu and missed the entire week of school so it has been a long one! It didn’t leave me too much time for the old blog but of course I wouldn’t miss sharing my finds for the Friday 5 Under Fifty! This week I went with a date night theme for those who have fun Valentine’s (or GALentine’s) Day plans! Here is what I put together and a little bit of inspiration using pieces I own to give you a visual…

pajama style shirt with layered gold necklacesSimilar top // Jeans // Choker // Necklace (similar and also below) // Lipstick in Yash // Lipliner in Whirl

1. Top: I was drawn to the color of this top. It does not scream Valentine’s Day which is why I like it but it has a gorgeous reddish rust color that is perfect for those who want to feel festive. How cute are the sleeves?

2. Denim: This is one of my favorite brands of denim. I cannot believe these are in stock in all sizes and on sale for under $40!

3. Booties: For a trendy style of boot like this one I do not like spending a lot of money. $26 on a faux sued studded bootie is fine by me!

4. Necklace #1: Layering dainty gold necklaces is one of my go to looks. It just adds some drama. I would unbutton the top a little lower than normal and let this necklace drape inside the shirt.

5. Necklace #2: I have been looking for a flat and short gold necklace like this. I love how thick the roping is. Adding to my own cart!


To those celebrating this weekend, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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This post is one I have been waiting to write for a YEAR. We moved into our house December 2017 and we had a ton of projects. I tend to get excited and the ideas flow and I want to do every project right away. The practical husband that I call mine has to tell me to slow my role and pick and choose what can be done and what has to wait. The dining room was one of those projects that just had to wait since it isn’t a space we use a ton. Here we are a year later and we FINALLY have it complete! I am so excited to share our dining room reveal with you!

Here is the before….

Here is the after! (more photos below)

modern dining room before and after

The first thing we chose was a table and chairs. Actually, we chose the chairs first. I spotted these modern chairs on CB2 and loved the tight upholstery and how wide the seats were. We have wood chairs in our kitchen so for the dining space I wanted a fabric chair. I was drawn to the ivory at first but we opted for the charcoal grey for practicality reasons. The metal is not a true gold or a true copper but somewhere in between. I like to mix metals in my home styling (and also in the way I dress) so it does not bother me that they aren’t gold gold.

CB2 dining chairs

After we selected the chairs we looked for a table. I am not a huge wood person unless it is on the floor or in a small accent. The room is big and we were able to fit a 10 foot table. 10 feet of wood with our personal style aesthetic felt HEAVY to me. I did love this one and it was strong contender but in the end we fell in love with the glass and gold finishes of this one. Some of you warned me glass is annoying to keep clean but it just needs to be dusted! We don’t really sit in there often so fingerprints aren’t an issue!

While the table and chairs were being processed we had to tackle the country cottage style of the doors on the hutch. I really gravitate towards clean lines and the scallop of the woodwork was not my style. My dad has a friend who transformed our doors from country cottage to clean and modern! Then my dad wood filled the new look and secured the glass on the doors with extra hinges and repainted them. They look brand new and completely transformed the beautiful built ins especially with these glass and gold handles we added!

built in dining hutch

Then came the rug. If I am being honest, I may move this out of here. It is REALLY hard to find a cowhide big enough and we placed it down before the table was delivered. The glass top of the table is SO HEAVY and the delivery guys almost dropped it on the trek up our driveway. (Joe had to run outside and help!) With that said, Joe already gave me the side eye when I danced around the subject of potentially moving it out and getting a larger rug for under it. So we will see! For now, I like it.

glass top dining table

Choosing art for for your space is personal and can also be really overwhelming. This is my second time working with Minted on a project and they are my favorite retailer by far to choose art from. They have a huge selection and offer so many pieces with personality. I think that is the key word when choosing a piece of art. It needs to fit your own personality. When my husband and I select art for our home we like it to have a meaning. Of course there may be some times when we choose something just because we like the piece but for the most part we select things that speak to us in a personal way.  My husband is a huge Liverpool soccer fan. We were scrolling Minted trying to find the perfect piece and we stopped on this one. The theme here is that the large table and the chairs are very modern. We needed to balance out the modern with something old and something that had character. This piece of art is the Royal Liver Building in Liverpool and the little guy perching up top is the Liverbird. It has been said that if the two birds fly away then the city would cease to exist.

west elm modern light in dining roomminted artwork

The bar cart was something else we knew we wanted in the space. (You can read my full post on styling a bar cart here). I plan to add some seasonal touches come spring but for the most part the glassware and accessories are here to stay! I also discussed the wall art from Minted in that post and why we chose each piece. Our current home is located in a town where horse farms are in walking distance so we loved this guy as an homage to our new roots. The skeleton key with the 46 on it is a nod to my upbringing since the house number I grew up in was 46. I love choosing art pieces that speak to personal experiences and can relate back to something meaningful.

bar cart stylingmodern bar cart styling

The last thing we added were the curtains. They gave me issues. Not these- these are gorgeous and perfect. But it is ridiculously hard to find a white curtain! I went through three different kinds before my mom found these at good old Target. When will I learn…Target knows best. When we put them up they looked heavy and plain so we added these gorgeous brass and marble tie backs to go with the rods. The rods have these pretty quilted glass finials on the ends that add that touch of vintage to the modern room.

anthropologie curtain tie backs

Since there is a lot of modern in the room we moved our record player into this corner. If you feel like your space is too much of something then add a different touch. Our room was feeling too modern so adding this vintage touch really helped to even it out. The table we have is sold out but this one is similar about a third of the price!

vintage record playerfrom above record player

I know that is a lot of text so if there are any specific questions please ask! I will link everything in the room that is available below. Some pieces in the built in hutches are old so let me know if there is something you need details on!

modern dining room design


**Thank you to Minted for partnering with me on the artwork for this space**


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