I know what you are thinking. Another blogger with another Nordstrom post to confuse me and add more things to my already full shopping cart. But my approach is different. I do not buy the summer things that are on super sale, I do not buy trendy wear once pieces. Instead, I use the sale to stock my closet with basics that can be styled with each other AND with other pieces that I see along the way. Carefully I chose pieces to share with you that are budget friendly and ones that you are useful.

If you have been following me for awhile you have learned that my style is pretty classic with an edgy twist. I love hardware, black, neutrals, oversized tees and sweaters, and denim. In the summer I tend to stray from that slightly because I get lost in the sea of pretty stripes and flowy maxi dresses. In the Fall and Winter I tend to keep it pretty classic and streamlined and these pieces I chose will help you to do the same! I give you my choices. I would wear and WANT to wear every single one of these. It is going to be hard to narrow it down! Here is what I want from the Nordstrom Sale!


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